"Tacoooooo Tuuuuuuuesday" - Lebron James

On Tuesday, you’ll find the Taco Tuesday deals in New Orleans.

It’s not a secret, but at many places you can expect to find a special menu with a variety of tacos and taco-centric deals, depending on the restaurant.

From the typical taco spots to the more eclectic offerings, there’s something for everyone on Taco Tuesday.

As always, if you have a good suggestion for this list, let us know!
Chilangos Bar & Grill
MexicanUptown ● Carrollton

Chilangos Bar & Grill

The Chilangos Bar & Grill is a relatively new gem in the Uptown area right on Carrolton.

The bright colors and fun atmosphere makes for a great place for taco tuesday.

The all-day $1 tacos and $1 tequila shots have become the platonic ideal of a taco tuesday offer by which we compare all other taco Tuesdays.

The quirky fun environment makes ripping tequila shots seem not only acceptable, but encouraged, even for a Tuesday lunch.

Carrollton Station
Uptown ● Carrollton

Carrollton Station

A non traditional contender for Taco Tuesday's, Carrollton station is an option for hardcore dive bar fans that still want to get their taco fix. $2 tacos and $2 Modelos are available all Tuesday at this riverbend spot. Don't get fooled by the nondescript exterior of the building because it opens up to a sprawling patio and cozy bar with a backroom. Check their entertainment schedule because you may stumble across an open mic night, live music or some other special entertainment.

The Rum House
Touro ● Uptown ● Irish Channel

The Rum House

The Rum House may boast the busiest taco Tuesday in the city of New Orleans. While wandering down Magazine St., if you see a crowd waiting on the sidewalk for a picnic table dining session outside, you know you've found the Rum House. Taco Tuesday isn't the most exciting deal in town with $3 tacos but based on the crowd that gathers weekly, there's some allure that sits under the surface. Give it a visit and then let us know why people love this spot ….

Johnny Sánchez

Johnny Sánchez

If this restaurant sounds familiar, it's because you've seen it's namesake and executive chef Aarón Sánchez in local and national publications and especially for his work on the food network. This restaurant is set in a modern & sleek building in the CBD with a killer taco Tuesday deal consisting of ½ off tacos & drinks. This is a bit more high end than your average taco joint but still has the deals to compete with the best of them.

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